April 2015’s picks

This is the first month I am posting a blog rather than sending an email around my friends.  I hope the format of topickwisely.wordpress.com allows you to see what I have added to the pages as well as find old picks.  I have intentionally not added photos to keep it simple but if there are sections that you would like these adding please let me know.

Two ideas have stuck with me this month: you should do things that fill you up; and say hello and goodbye to loved ones with at least a 10second hug.

To Read:

To listen to:

To watch:

Toddler activities: 

  • I have added to the toddler activities and would be interested to hear if you want more in this section.  I can continue to add to the list but wondered if some division into messiness levels/ time to prep etc would be useful?
  • I am also working on creating a A4 template of play ideas around different themes/ common toys.  This could be used to come up with quick entertainment ideas.

To eat:

In Sydney:

The website is still a work in progress so please let me know if you like it / would like any changes to the format.  If you have any picks to share, please post a comment or send me an email.