Pirates 20 game winners

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Pittsburgh Pirates 20-Game Winners:

The Pittsburgh Pirates have had several standout pitchers who achieved the impressive feat of winning 20 or more games in a single Major League Baseball season. Some of the notable Pirates pitchers who accomplished this milestone include:

  1. Wilbur Cooper: A left-handed pitcher who played for the Pirates from 1912 to 1924, Cooper recorded three seasons with 20 or more wins. His best year came in 1925 when he won 24 games.
  2. Vern Law: Law had a remarkable season in 1960 when he won 20 games and helped lead the Pirates to a World Series championship.
  3. Steve Blass: Blass is renowned for his stellar 1972 season, during which he won 20 games and was a key part of the Pirates’ success.
  4. John Candelaria: The “Candy Man” achieved 20 wins in 1977 and was a prominent figure on the Pirates’ pitching staff during that era.
  5. Doug Drabek: Drabek’s outstanding 1990 season saw him win 22 games and earn the National League Cy Young Award.
  6. Vernon Law: A different Vern Law, the son of the aforementioned pitcher, had a breakout season in 1960 and was a critical component of the Pirates’ championship run.
  7. Bob Friend: Friend was a consistent force for the Pirates in the 1950s, tallying multiple seasons with 20 or more wins.

Notable Pirate Breakout:

A notable “breakout” moment for pirates in a different context refers to the discovery of the pirate ship “Queen Anne’s Revenge”. This ship was famously captained by the infamous pirate Blackbeard (Edward Teach). The ship, which had been a French slave ship before being captured by Blackbeard, became his flagship. In 1718, the ship ran aground off the coast of what is now North Carolina, USA.

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Discovery of the “Queen Anne’s Revenge”:

The discovery of the wreckage of the pirate ship “Queen Anne’s Revenge” was a significant event in the field of maritime archaeology and provided valuable insights into the history of piracy in the early 18th century. Here are some key details about the discovery and its significance