Easy Recipes


Toddler baking/ cooking

We like to do this at our toddler’s level so either on a small table/ cleaned floor/ highchair etc.

  • Wads – a family recipe which is a cross between a scone and a rock cake.  Preheat oven to G6/180oC; Mix 10oz SR Flour, 5oz Raw sugar, 5oz Marg, 1 egg, dash of milk; Add 5/6 oz raisins/ sultanas and dollop onto a lined baking sheet – makes 9 adult sized ones. Cook for about 15min until skewer comes out clean.  Should be slightly golden but raisins shouldn’t be too hard so turn down the heat if needed.  Best eaten with a cup of tea or glass of milk.
  • Bran Loaf – great as no egg and all cup based measurements
  • Preparing soaked oats, these are great for breakfast
  • Spinning the salad leaves
  • Making muffins in PJs for breakfast at the weekend.
  • Puff pastry baking – using shop bought frozen sheets, thaw a little and cut into shapes to make twists/ pies etc. Fill with stewed fruit/ jam/ cheese and herbs etc. cook on a well lined/greased sheet/ cupcake tray.

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